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Fizz Stage 

Grand Union Youth Orchestra

Ruth Brown (BBC’s The Voice 2012)

Kingpin rapper web size


Spectrum Dancers

Spectrum Street Dance V Boadacea  Youth Street Dance

Spectrum Rapper

Weyland (Spectrum Rapper)

Bliss - Spectrum  Band

Bliss (Spectrum Band)


Sage Dance Company

John Jami

John Jami (Poet)

My Heart Sings

My Heart Sings Womens’ Choir

Amelya Goldy


Key Changes Stage

Award-winning music engagement and recovery services for people experiencing mental health problems.

Spectrum DJs: Shorty and Mista Maths

Spectrum Bands

  • Casbian Island
  • Art Best and the Resters

Spectrum Rappers

  • Seraphin
  • Weyland
  • Kola

MC Dekey (Britain’s Got Talent)